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We recommend seal coating asphalt one year after it has been paved, and every two to three years after.  This will more than double the life of the asphalt.

Asphalt is attacked and oxidized by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  The deterioration process of asphalt begins as soon as the new pavement starts to have a gray look to it.  The surface oils begin to decompose and dissipate.  The process continues to attack asphalt in the deeper layers of the pavement.  As a result, the surface sand and aggregates break loose and wash away.  The asphalt begins to have a coarse look, and small, almost-invisible cracks start to form.

Water penetrates through the small cracks and damages the pavement in the winter freeze-thaw cycles.  Oil, gasoline, grease and any other petroleum products soften asphalt, giving rise to soft patches and creating holes in the pavement.

“Accumulation of moisture and chemicals in the pavement is the single greatest cause of pavement distress,” according to the Asphalt Institute.  The logical solution for the protection of asphalt surfaces is the use of a barrier coat that will not be attacked by the damaging elements of weather and chemicals.

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