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Here are a few of the customers that we have proudly served in the past five years:

  • State and Municipal
  • Mitchell Park Domes
  • Miller Park
  • Milwaukee Metro Sewage District
  • Milwaukee County Transit
  • Department of Motor Vehicles

On very short notice, Pro-Seal Asphalt Paving Inc. came to our aid by completely reconstructing our “Flight For Life” helicopter landing pad area in one day’s time.  They had only that day to complete the job and it was performed flawlessly.  We now choose Pro-Seal Asphalt Paving for all our pavement related needs.”
- Mark Knickelbein, Construction Manager, Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital

For Chase Bank’s pavement related needs, we have narrowed it down from many companies to one that stands alone.  Based on honesty, an outstanding variety of services offered, consistent quality, and immediate response to any job, large or small.  There has been one choice for the past five years for our southeastern Wisconsin sites, and that is Pro-Seal Asphalt, Inc.  Their maintenance program has saved us considerable amount of time and money.”
Bill Lauenstein, Facility Manager, Chase Bank


New Construction:

  • Lay out and determine grades by use of laser and staking.
  • Add crushed limestone to provide a proper base.
  • Shape and fine grade existing base for proper drainage.
  • Excavate area to allow for stone and asphalt.
  • Spray base with water, roll to obtain maximum compaction.
  • Apply soil sterilizer to prevent weed growth on edges.
  • Machine pave with hot mix asphalt to desired thickness.
  • Tamp all exposed to an even 45 degree angle.
  • Pack culvert ends at a 45 degree angle.


  • Lay out and determine grades by use of laser and staking.
  • Remove or Saw Cut existing pavement as indicated.
  • Base/Re-base area with crushed limestone base material.
  • Shape and fine grade base for proper drainage.
  • Spray base with water, roll to obtain maximum compaction.
  • Apply soil sterilizer to prevent weed growth on edges.
  • Machine pave with hot mix asphalt to desired thickness.
  • Tamp all exposed to an even 45 degree angle.

Overlays (Resurfacing):

  • Lay out and determine pitch by use of laser.
  • Prep and power-sweep entire area.
  • Clean (wire wheel) all major cracks to remove any dirt, vegetation or old sealant before crack filling.  
  • Seal major cracks with W.R. Meadow Hi-Spec (ASTM 3405) hot rubber crack sealant before paving.
  • Apply emulsified asphalt “tack” coating as an adhesion promoter prior to paving new asphalt.
  • Pave two lifts: the first is 1 ½” of binder-course mix; the second is a final average compacted thickness of 1 ½” of new surface course 3/8” or 1/4” hot mix asphalt.


All work and materials are under a one-year guarantee.

Seal For Only Pennies Per Square Foot
In the pavement maintenance industry, the main concern is the extended life of your existing asphalt pavement. We recommend seal coating asphalt one year after it has been paved and every two to three years after; this will more than extend the life of the asphalt. Sealers put a tough, durable barricade that protects driveways and pavements from the damaging elements of weather, harsh chemicals, and water penetration. Quality pavement maintenance will complement your natural scenery with a like-new black finish surface that will enhance, increase value to your property and prevent costly repairs.

Shield Against The Elements and Seal in Strength
Preventative maintenance reduces wear, major repairs and premature cracking. Due to the drying effects of the sun, the sun’s rays depreciate and damage the essential strength and flexibility properties out of the asphalt surface, causing cracks and making it vulnerable to water occupancy. 
The deterioration process of asphalt begins as soon as the new pavement starts to have a gray look to it. The surface oils begin to decompose and the process continues to attack asphalt in the deeper layers of the pavement. High grade sealers prevent water absorption, freeze-thaw water penetration, surface separation, and deteriorating effects of gasoline, oil, and other damaging chemicals. Sealers prevent surface oxidation and enlarging cracks, by forming a tough protective layer prevailing over pavement damage. Sealer protection is needed for all high traffic areas, commercial and industrial parking lots, airports, restaurants, and residential driveways.  This provides protection and beautification for all asphalt surfaces – a minor expense compared to the cost of a complete replacement.

Seal Coating

  • Edge or trim the entire driveway or parking lot using power edges/trimmers.
  • Thoroughly power clean all asphalt using power sweepers, blowers, and/or washers, until clean enough for sealcoat.
  • Neutralize oil or any other harsh chemical spots.

Crack Filling

  • Machine clean (wire wheel and/or crack router) to remove any dirt, vegetation or old sealant, etc.  Fill cracks with W.R. Meadows Hi-Spec, (ASTM 3405) Hot rubber crack sealant.
  • Apply commercial grade Amgurad (S-250 Fed. Spec. Coal Tar) sealcoat with 5-6 lbs. of silica sand/gal. and 5% latex additives (Amguard Rapid-Set) for superior durability and traction.
    • No chance of tracking.
    • Sealcoat is applied with Sealcoat Machines and/or truck-mounted equipment to insure level and even coats.

Traffic Markings (Linestriping)
New layouts or restripes all existing traffic lines, as presently marked.
All traffic signs with or without post and bumper stops installed.

Tennis Courts Resurfacing
All colors are available.

Slurry Seal (Liquid Road)
A commercial grade with elastomeric polymers, fiber reinforcement and aggregate added to the mix. Applied by a squeegee machine.

Snow Plowing
Who would know your asphalt better than a company who installs and maintains it?  We pride ourselves on our professional workmanship and would care for your parking lot and driveways without any asphalt damage.


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