Infrared Patching

Infrared Patching Services

We are so convinced that infrared will revolutionize the way you look at asphalt repair, that we are giving the first repair at half price.  Infrared repair and maintenance fits into any budget at any time.  Replacing a parking lot prematurely does not.

Pro-Seal Asphalt Paving & Maintenance Co. Inc. works in conjunction with Kasi Infrared.  “Quality and Technology at its Finest Combined.”

Infrared Restorations:  (1/4 the cost of saw cutting)

  • Most permanent (No joints).
  • Best Quality (Thermally bonded to surrounding asphalt “Seamless.”
  • Least time consuming (Can be driven on almost immediately).
  • Least expensive way to permanently repair all areas.


The repair is fused to the existing pavement, thereby creating one continuous surface and eliminating any seams.

Material – the existing asphalt is recycled. 
Labor – crew size is limited to two or three. 
Equipment – One-truck operation.

A typical 5x5 repair takes less than 30 minutes to complete, including preparation and clean up. 

Infrared restorations can fix the following problems:

  • Alligatored, broken areas
  • Low areas that create puddles or standing water
  • Grade changes that cause drainage problems
  • The ideal repair - pot holes, utility cuts, trench repairs, depressions, joint repairs and uneven asphalt
  • Virtually limitless permanent repairs


For more information on infrared patching, please call Pro-Seal Asphalt Paving & Maintenance Co. Inc. at 262-373-1801.

Applying Infrared Patching

By using infrared patching, the applications are almost limitless:  it fixes everything from potholes, broken asphalt and low areas to uneven joints, grade changes and drainage problems. Infrared repairs are permanent, seamless, low cost, and match existing asphalt better than any other method.

Infrared is a process in which Infrared light rays are used to heat an area of asphalt that is in need of repair. The asphalt is evenly heated, without burning out oils, to a perfect temperature of 475 degrees — the same temperature asphalt is produced at. The softened asphalt can be raked; a small amount of the surface asphalt is removed on weathered surfaces. Even with broken asphalt, the only place it has lost any oils is the surface from being oxidized by the elements and sun. The remaining asphalt is 100 percent usable; most mixes today actually contain a percentage of recycled asphalt.

New asphalt stored in an Infrared Hot Box is added to the repair. At this time, grade changes can be made. The repair is compacted with a vibratory roller. The finished repair, through thermal bonding, is an integral part of the surrounding asphalt and is seamless.

The repair takes approximately 10-15 minutes and can be driven on immediately. The cost is 1/4 of saw cutting and far more permanent.


  1. The area is swept away from debris or standing water from repair and surrounding area.
  2. The chamber is ignited, positioned and the 6’ x 8’ deck is lowered over the area to be repaired.
  3. The Infrared light rays are allowed to penetrate for 7 to 10 minutes for full depth.
  4. The deck is lifted and the truck is pulled forward. The softened asphalt is raked.
  5. 1/4 to 1/2 of the surface asphalt is removed and put in the reclaimer.
  6. New hot mix asphalt is added from the Infrared Hot Box and luted to correct grade.
  7. The repair is compacted with vibratory roller and fused together with the existing asphalt.

*The finished repair is now an integral part of the existing asphalt.


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